Another Effin' Podcast About Sitcoms

Another Effin' Podcast About Sitcoms - Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Doll

Episode Summary

In a world where the content gods give and give and give, the old Effin' crew are just taking. Back in 2015, The AV Club put together a list of best sitcom episodes and Stan, Luke, Dan and Mo are slowly making their way through. This episode takes on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Is "The Doll" episode able to kick Flight of the Conchords off the list? Find out now! Sadly, Dan had to have a 'vacation' with his 'family' so you've been warned.

Episode Notes

Another Effin' Podcast About Sitcom is four friends, Mo Laikowski, Stan Laikowski, Luke Ward and Dan McInerney, watching sitcoms and carefully pulling all the joy out of them.  This week, they're watching the "The Doll" episode from Curb Your Enthusiasm