Another Effin' Podcast About Sitcoms

AEPAS - Training - The Office UK

Episode Summary

Number 7. Lucky, lucky number 7. The Office ... the ORIGINAL one ... is so original, so cringy, so heartbreaking SO. DARN. GOOD. that it makes us wonder how many could top it? Well, according to The AV Club and perhaps, some of the members of Another Effin' Podcast crew about 6 others. Listen now, as Stan, Dan, Luke & Mo struggle to put into words just how great this train wreck is.

Episode Notes

Another Effin' Podcast About Sitcom is four friends, Mo Laikowski, Stan Laikowski, Luke Ward and not Dan McInerney, watching sitcoms and carefully pulling all the joy out of them.  This week, they're watching the "Training“ episode from The Office (UK).