Another Effin' Podcast About Sitcoms

AEPAS - NewsRadio - Complaint Box

Episode Summary

As the Another Effin Podcast crew know, sitcoms are meant to be loved. The sitcom in question, NewsRadio, is oh, so loved ... does it hold up though? And does the episode "Complaint Box" belong on the top 25 AV List of best episodes of a sitcom (or something along those lines)? Does it belong in the UPPER ECHELON? Find out now by just listening with your earholes.

Episode Notes

Another Effin' Podcast About Sitcom is four friends, Mo Laikowski, Stan Laikowski, Luke Ward and Dan McInerney, watching sitcoms and carefully pulling all the joy out of them.  This week, they're watching the "Complaint Box“ episode from NewsRadio.