Another Effin' Podcast About Sitcoms

AEPAS - 30 Rock - Rosemary's Baby

Episode Summary

We are solidly in the top 10 episodes that the AV Club declared as 25 Best Episodes of the Last 25 Years* and number 8 with 30 Rock is truly going to be the one to beat. In this episode, most of the gang really dig into the Rosemary's Baby from 30 Rock. The guest stars! The hilarity! The fun! #8 with a bullet! So good. *from 1990 to 2015

Episode Notes

Another Effin' Podcast About Sitcom is four friends, Mo Laikowski, Stan Laikowski, Luke Ward and not Dan McInerney, watching sitcoms and carefully pulling all the joy out of them.  This week, they're watching "Rosemary's Baby“ episode from 30 Rock.